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Keep your car clean and tidy with our maintenance service. We come to your home or place of business on a scheduled appointment. Same day, same time weekly, biweekly or monthly. This will maintain and preserve your vehicle’s finish and take all the hassle away from calling to see who is available.

  • Car is washed using a 3 bucket method and deionized water to avoid water spots

  • Wheels, wheel wells and tires cleaned and dressed

  • Dry with super soft drying towel 

  • Blow out all cracks, crevices, mirrors, door handles, lug nut holes, etc. FREE FROM WATER

  • Detail exhaust tips

  • Tires and trim conditioned and protected.

  • Final wipedown with detailer spray

  • Interior dusted and vacuumed.

  • Light cleaning of high-traffic areas, steering wheel, arm rests, cup holders and pedals.

  • Plastics and vinyl are coated with non-greasy, satin-finish protectant.

  • All glass and windows cleaned.

Rinseless washes are also available if there are any water restrictions in your property.


If you are a first time customer, we prefer to start a relationship with your car with AT LEAST a level 1 detail and then maintain your car with our maintenance program



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